The Stabilization of High-rise Buildings: An Evaluation of the Tubed Mega Frame Concept

Building tall has always been an expression of dreams, power and technical advancement. With the greatly increasing urbanization in recent years building tall has become a more viable option for office and residential housing.

The Tubed mega frame concept tries to evolve the stabilizing systems of high-rise buildings with its mega frame around the buildings perimeter, created together with a new elevator system; the Articulated Funiculator. This thesis examines the effectiveness of the Tubed mega frame compared to other structural systems.

Information and background has been taken from different types of literature, analysis programs and verbally from supervisors; Fritz King and Peter Severin. Using Finite Element Method (FEM-) programs studies on previously used structural systems along with the Tubed mega frame has been made, trying to draw conclusions about its advantages and drawbacks. The examinations have been done using SAP2000and ETABS, both developed by CSI.

The tubed mega frame shows to require a large amount of concrete compared to other systems at lower heights, because of its geometry. As the height increases it does show an increase in effectiveness and by the time it reaches 480 meters it is using less materials and still achieving greater stiffness than other systems. Since the geometry of the Tubed mega frame is so flexible a conclusion is also made that the stiffness can be increased by sacrificing façade area or creating longer outriggers.
Source: Uppsala University
Authors: Sandelin, Christian | Budajev, Evgenij

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