Integrated Analysis of Bioclimatic Building Design in Three Climate Zones in France

At a time where the planet is facing one of its major global crises, re-thinking of systems in every sector is needed. In the field of energy at its global meaning, various ways of action are considered. In this context, housing sector represents a key point of new conception of our society.

Nowadays buildings are no longer considered only as designed housing “objects”. Comfort, consumption, environmental impacts are part of the words which appear utterly linked to every single building. Thermal behaviour tends to be as much important as architectural and structural concerns.

Indeed, energy savings have become one of the most talked about parameters of a building. Through this paper, key parameters of a building will be compared in order to obtain the most effective houses depending on their location. Nevertheless, comfort will be studied too because of its increasing importance in modern society.

The results will be obtained according various aspects: technical ones, environmental ones and financial ones. For all those houses meeting the French standards, similar comparison will be made. Thus the approach will not be organised one house after another but through the impact of one parameter after another to draw the final comparison between the three houses according to the same parameters.
Source: KTH
Author: Chaneac, Jean

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