Model Calibration of a Wooden Building Block

Constructing multi floor buildings by light weight material have increased recently. There are many advantages of using light weight material, such as wood, for the environment. However, one of the deficiencies of lightweight material is the acoustic performance.

Transmission of sound and vibration through floors in multi floor buildings in wood is a drawback to be considered. There are many studies that have addressed this issue.

It is most common to make a finite element models well as experiments in laboratory. In these studies the material properties in the FE model are probably often adjusted to correlate to the laboratory experiments, since there is a large spread in material properties found in literature.

This thesis however tries to elaborate on the actual material properties of the included wooden elements. Dynamic testing is done to determine the spread (here spread means gap between material properties) in material properties of wooden elements.

The materials tested are chipboards and two types of wooden beams. The examined beams are both normal wooden beams and laminated veneer lumber beams. When the dynamic behaviour is known for the wooden parts, they are assembled to two small floor systems. The floor systems consist of four beams and one wooden board. The assembly is dynamically tested in laboratory and in FE software. The FE model used the known material properties for each individual building part.

The results from the FE model correlate well with the laboratory tests. This shows that when material properties are known a FE model can predict the real behaviour. However, the examined material properties show a large spread from beam to beam, etc and a better knowledge about the material properties of used wooden parts is needed.
Source: Linnaeus University
Author: Karim, Ali Abdul Jabbar | Lessner, Johan | Moridnejad, Mehrdad

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