Old People’s Home

After studying the city and the localization of the land, we decided our idea. At first we thought to make a student accommodation, but there is one so near of the land, then we changed our way of think making something less typical.

Therefore, we decided to make an old people’s home there because it is a quite and peaceful place next to city centre. The building’s views are oriented to the Nissan river.The principal object of this project is to provide a place where old people can live with all the cares and where have the necessary personal to take care them.

The building has only one floor, there are: dining room, laundry, bathrooms geriatric, gym, common toilets, staff areas, medical office, kitchen, storage area. The hall has very high roof with a big window, with view to the river, to get light in a very big area.Inside the building It have 8 double rooms and 6 single rooms, with bathroom included in each. Are also included geriatric bathrooms that satisfies the needs of its users.

There are two interior courtyard that give light to the corridor which serve to communicate all the rooms and the medical center area and gym. Also exists various free-use bathrooms and entertainment areas for the costumers.
Source: Halmstad University

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