Design of High-rise Buildings: Past, Present and Future

An overview of development of high-rise buildings is presented. Key advancements leading to high-rise buildings of today are discussed. Structural analysis and design considerations for modern high-rise buildings are presented and trends in design of tall buildings of the future are discussed.

While cities like New York and Chicago can be considered as the birthplace of modern high-rise buildings, the history of multi-storey construction is much older. The tower houses of Shibam in Yemen date back to 1600 AD representing one of the earliest examples of human habitation in multi-storey construction. These sun-dried mud-brick tower houses have been constructed up to 7 stories tall providing security as well as prestige for their inhabitants. In a dense cluster of 500 or so, these tower houses have earned a world heritage listing (UNESCO 1982) and the nickname of “Chicago/Manhattan of the desert” for the old city of Shibam.
Source: Global Leader – Building Design
Authors: K Kayvani

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