Bond Properties of Rubber Modified Epoxy

In this paper, the bond integrity of unmodified and rubber-modified epoxy used for bonding the carbon fibre sheets to the hosting steel surface was investigated. The rigidity of the bonding agent is one of the factors that have a significant role in the premature failure (debonding) of this application.

In order to overcome this issue, a series of experiments were conducted on the steel plates using the epoxy resin modified by CTBN and ATBN reactive liquid polymers, in addition to the unmodified epoxy resin. The interface between the carbon fibre matrix and the hosting surface is subjected to a longitudinal shear force for which the corresponding displacement is recorded. The shear stress-strain relationship for the tested specimen is plotted. The result shows that, the bond behaviour of modified epoxy using CTBN and ATBN reactive liquid polymers was improved in terms of ductility and toughness.
Source: Deakin University
Authors: Amad-Adeen Baiuk | Riyadh Al-Ameri | Bronwyn Fox

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