Implementation of the ESDP: The Example of North West Europe

The impact of the European Policies on the spatial patterns in Europe has increased in the last few years – especially against the background of the slogan ‘Bring Europe closer together’ – although the European Union has no competence in the field of spatial planning.

This disequilibrium can cause problems in the future. How-ever the European Union and its member states came to the conclusion that a com-prehensive perspective for the whole territory is necessary and adopted the Euro-pean Spatial Development Perspective (ESDP).

The following examination has the aim to analyse the application and implementation of the ESDP in the region in the North West of Europe. The Thesis examines the implementation of the ESDP in the planning systems of North West Europe (Denmark, North Germany, Netherlands). For that it shows the influence of the ESDP on programmes and policies in the respective planning system, and also provides ideas to improve the interaction.
Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Authors: Bruehmann, Timo | Florkowski, Sabrina | Ickes, Kevin

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