Key Performance Indicators for the Evaluation of an Air Navigation Service Providers’ Safety Management System

Safety is the main concern of the aviation industry. All Air Navigation Service Providers must have a Safety Management System (SMS) which states how safety is handled, promoted and prioritized. By developing Key Performance indicators (KPIs), it is possible to quantify the effectiveness of a SMS, discover potential flaws and improvement measures.

This thesis identifies principles behind the SMS, the development of KPIs and suggest potential KPIs for the Swedish air navigation service provider LFVs’ SMS.

A literature study was performed and organisation specific documents were analysed to develop potential KPIs within the areas timely compliance with international obligations, competency and adoption and sharing of best practices based on an EASA questionnaire.

This work presents a set of 27 performance indicators and recommends 6 as potential KPIs for the three areas together. The KPIs are developed specifically for LFV but could be applicable for other organisations with similar SMS structure and processes. They should be analysed within the organisation and, potentially, have thresholds set before implementation.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Ehliar, Lars-Johan

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