Management of Construction Logistics in Stockholm: Identifying Ways of Improvement for Construction Logistics Within the Inner City of Stockholm

The construction industry is similar to other manufacturing industries. A production is made up of several small moments and the final product arises when all these steps are completed. Each one of these operations is equally important and increased efficiency is required at all stages. An often forgotten step when discussing efficiency in the construction industry is the logistic process.

The main problems which emerge, when increasing the efficiency of logistics within a city centre, are the location itself, the required close collaboration between different actors and the industry’s unwillingness to change its current habits. These problems are relevant as they not only address the concrete problem of a congested inner city but also handle an abstract problem which is the attitudes and relationships within the construction industry. If these problems were tackled, a more structured industry could arise with additional economical benefits for the entire industry.

The aim is to acquire a more efficient and effective logistic process by reducing the number of transports as well as increasing the time efficiency, standard and service of the required transports. The constituent for this report is Skanska AB and Uppsala University. The study consists of an in depth study of literature, as well as an analysis of previous executed projects and interviews with different actors within the construction industry. The results describe the answers given by each actor and a comparison is made with the literature study. The main conclusions of the study are that without collaboration and the rightful incentives a development of the logistics process within the industry is not likely to happen. In addition to the conclusion some suggestions for changes towards improvement are recognized.
Source: Uppsala University
Authors: Samuelsson, Stefan | Ahmetasevic, Mia

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