Advances in Geosynthetics Materials and Applications for Soil Reinforcement and Environmental Protection Works

Geosynthetics have become well established construction materials for geotechnical and environmental applications in most parts of the world. Because they constitute manufactured materials, new products and applications are developed on a routine basis to provide solutions to routine and critical problems alike.

Results from recent research and from monitoring of instrumented structures throughout the years have led to new design methods for different applications of geosynthetics. Because of the significant breath of geosynthetic applications, this paper focuses on recent advances on geosynthetics products, applications and design methodologies for reinforced soil and environmental protection works.

Geosynthetics have been increasingly used in geotechnical and environmental engineering for the last 4 decades. Over the years, these products have helped designers and contractors to solve several types of engineering problems where the use of conventional construction materials would be restricted or considerably more expensive.

There is a significant number of geosynthetic types and geosynthetic applications in geotechnical and environmental engineering. Due to space limitations, this paper will examine the advances on the use of these materials in reinforcement and in environmental protection.
Source: EJGE
Authors: Ennio M. Palmeira | Fumio Tatsuoka | Richard J. Bathurst | Peter E. Stevenson | Jorge G. Zornberg

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