Application of Waste Foundry Sand for Evolution of Low-Cost Concrete

Generation of waste foundry sand as by-product of metal casting industries causes environmental problems because of its improper disposal. Thus, its usage in building material, construction and in other fields is essential for reduction of environmental problems. This research is carried out to produce a low-cost and eco-friendly concrete.

This paper demonstrates the use of waste foundry sand as a partial replacement by fine aggregate in concrete. An experimental investigation is carried out on a concrete containing waste foundry sand in the range of 0%, 20%, 40%, and 60% by weight for M-25 grade concrete(PPC).

Material was produced, tested and compared with conventional concrete in terms of workability and strength. These tests were carried out on standard cube of 150*150*150* mm for 7, 14 and 28 days to determine the mechanical properties of concrete.

Through experimental result we conclude that the compressive strength increases with increase in partial replacement of waste foundry sand and split tensile strength decreases with increases in percentage of waste foundry sand.

The aim of this research is to know the behaviour and mechanical properties of concrete after addition of industrial waste in different proportion by tests like compressive strength and split tensile.
Source: IJETT
Author: Pathariya Saraswati C | Rana Jaykrushna K | Shah Palas A | Mehta Jay G | Patel Ankit N

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