Creation of a Model for the Study of the Ventilation Air Diffusion of the Falun Hospital

The main aim of the project is the creation of a CFD model for a plant in the Falun Hospital in Sweden. CFD is a new area of engineering that appears because of the great improvement in the computers last years.

Creating a CFD model is a difficult process but the model is capable to give a great amount of data and also the model allows predicting the results when parameters of the system are changed so the model lets to save money and time and becomes an interesting tool to choose the optimal solution for the system.

In this case the system studied is the air distributed by the ventilation system inside a plant of the Falun Hospital. The model have to predict the characteristics of the airflows inside the plant, how the air moves through the different areas of the plant and how these airflows affects in the distribution of temperature inside the plant.

Also the model has to become a use tool to analyze possible changes in the ventilation system to improve it. And a tool to get boundary conditions to study specific areas of this zone in future studies.

The project its part of a bigger project performed by the department of energy technology from Gävle university “Consequences in comfort and inside environment at energy optimization within the health care sector”.

The project it is a study of the use of energy in health care buildings in Sweden after the analysis of the energy usage a study to optimize the use of the energy and how these changes affects the patient and workers climate comfort in these buildings.

The CFD model have to be a tool that helps in the study of the ventilation system and the relation with the comfort in the Falun Hospital and also a tool to choose an optimal solution for the ventilation system after changes to improve the energy usage in the building avoiding the use of experimental changes in the hospital.
Source: University of Gävle
Author: Ferri, Juan Carlos | Marin, Samuel

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