Soil Steel Composite Bridges: A comparison between two Design Methods

The need of exploring efficient solutions to today’s engineering problems is becoming essential in the current market development. Soil Steel composite bridges (SSCB) are considered well competitive in terms of their feasibility and constructability.

The primary objective of this study is to provide a comprehensive comparison study for two known design methods of SSCB, which are the Pettersson-Sundquist design method (developed in Sweden) and the Klöppel & Glock design method (developed in

Germany). Moreover, in the goal of having better behaviour understanding for SSCBs, the study also include finite element modelling (FEM) using PLAXIS 2D of three case studies and compare model results with field measurements.

The design comparison deals with the design concepts, assumptions and limitations for both design methods, where full design procedures are implemented and compared for a defined case study.

The results of the FEM analysis show rational outcome to the field measurements for structural response during backfilling and close results for ordinary loading as well. While the design comparison shows how the different approach in both design methods in limitations and design assumptions has important impact on the results, where soil failure in the Klöppel & Glock design method can be controlling the design for low heights of cover, whereas formation of crown plastic hinge is more controlling in the Pettersson-Sundquist design method.

However, and in general, the Pettersson-Sundquist design method require more steel in low heights of cover while it is less demanding for higher soil covers compared to the Klöppel & Glock design method.
Source: KTH
Author: H. Wadi, Amer.H

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