Strategic considerations at Expansion – Economical and Design consequences by Snow Load Regulation

Because of the new introduced snow loads a higher demand is applied on buildings in Jonkoping area. The reason that the value has increased is partly because new load combinations that is applied on dimension equations but also because of the intensified precipitation.

Additional reasons to the updated standards are that several roofs with large spans have in recent years collapsed in Sweden. When using design equations on existing constructions, new standards must be applied, whether if the structure is further back designed with older standards.

Due to the case, the new standards result in an increased dimension value; therefore strategic considerations must be done in case of reconstruction. The purpose of the report is to highlight the differences that occur when calculating loads and design. In case of reconstruction of an old construction, basically two options can be done.

Either carry through the reconstruction and possibly enhance the strength of the construction at large costs or choose not to perform the extension. If the latter option is made it may result in; annual costs of clearing snow of roofs, the risk of roof collapse or even denied access rights to all, or parts of the building. These options must be analysed with consideration to strength and costs to result in a good solution.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Jigander, Max

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